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OEP System is the innovative, non-invasive product developed by BTS for studying pulmonary ventilation and assessing the mechanics of breathing.

With OEP System you can monitor the main ventilatory parameters by measuring the chest wall volume and its variations during respiration.

OEP System is an important tool for scientific research and innovative clinical study in the field of pulmonary medicine and for functional evaluation in a wide range of pathologies.

What is Opto-electronic Plethysmography?  

Optoelectronic Plethysmography is a new method to evaluate ventilation through an external measurement of the chest wall surface motion.

A number of small reflective markers are placed on the thoraco-abdominal surface by hypoallergenic adhesive tape.

A set of specially designed video cameras analyze the chest wall motion. A dedicated software computes the enclosed volume and its variations during breathing.